Some movies have deeper plots and hidden messages that end up going unnoticed by the general audience. Here is a shortlist that will blow your mind.

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I consider myself to be an amateur cinephile. I know this may sound a little bit cocky, but that’s not the case — pinky promise. I’m the kind of person that likes watching movies trying to guess the premises and — if it’s a thriller — who the killer is. …

Here is a shortlist with some Brazilian new singers you should definitely add to your quarantine dance parties’ playlist.

I’ve always considered myself a socially active person. Even though I love staying home, watching Netflix and eating junk food, sometimes a sudden feeling of inquietude would catch me by surprise and almost force me to go out. Besides going to parties, concerts or festivals, the thing I appreciated the most was getting together with my closest friends at someone’s home, drink some wine and watch some random music videos on YouTube.

By now, if you have been following my previous…

Fundamental tips to help you boost your working from home productivity, and look more professional.

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The so-called “new normal” completely changed the way we manage and balance our professional and personal lives. Before the pandemic — for those who were not used to working from home — home was a place almost entirely dedicated to family or leisure time. Suddenly, most people saw themselves being “forced” to turn their places into office spaces. To make things even more complicated, they had to start sharing the same workrooms with their spouses and their kids’ homeschooling.

What can these people do to…

New hobbies that have helped me go through lockdown while still maintaining a busy and healthy mind.

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Anxiety levels are higher than ever during the lockdown. The idea of not being able to go out whenever you feel like to — even having in mind that this is all for a very good reason such as trying to control a worldwide pandemic — can alter the mood of even the strongest-minded person. But why does this happen? Were people not used to spending more time at home during winter?

Specialists say that this so-called ‘’new normal’’ is making people feel…

Filipe Pereira

Digitally-savvy and creative marketing professional

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