4 Brazilian Singers to Help You Turn Your Living Room into a Dancefloor

1. Duda Beat

Photo by LastFM
  • The perfect combination of sad lyrics with exciting rhythms. Ideal for someone willing to enjoy a broken heart, or a love delusion, without giving in entirely to sadness.
  • With its dancing yet balanced rhythms, Duda’s songs are a good option for giving you that extra encouragement when doing house tasks, like cleaning, without being so loud and annoying.

2. Pabllo Vittar

Photo by Stevens Añazco for TIME
  • Whenever you feel like dancing until your feet hurt. Her music is known for being very dancing and exciting. Definitely not recommended for when you want to relax.
  • Perfect extra encouragement for your indoor workout.

3. Gilsons

Photo by Aloalobahia
  • Don’t go expecting a conventional type of pop here. They have a different approach to compose songs that are both relaxing and dancing at the same time.
  • If you are under lockdown with your loved one, this is the perfect option to dance together.

4. IZA

Photo by Victor Affaro
  • If you like the great divas — Beyonce, Mariah, Britney and Madonna — there is a big chance you will like Iza. She has songs with different melodies to fit your mood of the day.
  • Another option to dance like there is no tomorrow.



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